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I'm going to be working on the layout as well as some new links in the upcoming days.... it should be fun


A juicy story for the end of summer

I will be interested to watch how this one plays out. There were some surprise shakeups in the BRAC meetings. Congressman Joe Schwarz (7-R) managed to save a base in his district and how he managed to get some planes for it. It seems however, he did it at the expense of the Selfridge Air National Gard Base, located in Candice Miller's (10-R) district. At stake are 24 A-10 Thunderbolt aircrafts and the jobs associated with them. See the stories here and here. Joe wants a 12-12 split, and Candice wants all 24 to her self. The split makes a lot more sense, and Joe has the sway to win out, but here comes the kicker, Granholm gets to decide. It's not so often that you get a US Rep sticking her head out to fight a member of her own party just to get it cut by the other parties governor. Maybe Granholm will try to cut some deal with Miller? Who can say? Like I said, I'm interested.

Monday, August 29, 2005


The Jack is out

State Rep. Jack Hoogendyk (R-61, West Kalamazoo county) has withdrawn from the race for governor and endorsed Dick DeVos. It seems like he'll be the candidate, note the comments from his lone remaining opponent in this article. Dick is an interesting candidate, but he has way too much baggage. He might be a winner in Florida, but unless he's willing to spend 100 mill on this race, he doesn't stand a change. Granholm dodged a bullet. This is the contest that Brewer was hoping for, and now that the race is more or less set in stone, he hasn't wasted any time in defining DeVos. I've never met Mark, but after reading about the forture cookie stunt, he seems like a much funnier guy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005



Home to Mike Rogers. He was first elected in 2000 in a VERY close race against then State Senator, now House Minority Leader Dianne Byrum. The difference was 111 votes, and there was the usual fishiness associated. However you look at it, the district was redrawn in 2002 to give Rogers a cushion so the Dems abandoned the seat, running Frank McAlpine in 2002, who managed to garner just 30% of the vote, and Bob Alexander in 2004, who fared better, but only won 37% of the vote. The district includes all of Livingston, Ingham and Clinton counties as well as major parts of Oakland and Shiawassee counties. The number of votes in the last two election cycles are as follows, with 2002 numbers in ():

County ................Total Votes ......Percent Rogers Support
Ingham: ......... 127007 (89774) ........ 49% (59%)
Livingston: ..... 90329 (58060) ........ 71% (77%)
Clinton: .......... 36566 (25604) ........ 67% (74%)
Oakland: ........ 69801 (45792) ....... 66% (70%)
Shiawassee: ... 16720 (11367) ....... 64% (69%)

Bush v Kerry in the district went 53.6 to 46.1, only a 7.5% margin.

The big thing to notice here is the large, across the board drop in his support. There are several contributing factors. First would be the candidate, Alexander and McAlpine are both good guys, and would make for good reps, but they both ran bad campaigns, McAlpine's was the worst but Alexander suffered from attitude issues. Here is a good example. If you didn't just watch the whole thing, go and watch through the 2-4-minute marks, after Rogers brings up 9-11. The way Bob deals with it is just depressing. Anyhows, Kerry did well in Michigan and Rogers is quite close to Bush, I don't think he has ever opposed him. The war was also a factor; Rogers has close ties with the war and its planning, or lack their of. He ialso does a horrendous job pretending to care about any issue that isn't security related, if you don't believe me, send him a letter.

Also interesting to note is the ammount of weight Rogers has gained during his tenure in Washington. One of the reasons he won his seat in 2000 was his boyish FBI looks. It seems like these days he's been creating lots of food service jobs in DC. What I'm trying to say here, is that a good candidate could easily trounce this guy. He isn't used to dealing with people who won't back down from what he has to say. A good campaign would focus on his ties to Bush, DeLay, Abrahamoff, the planning around the war, CAFTA... etc. If only I were 25....


Congressional Races

Much has been made of the fact that there are no contestable US House races in Michigan, and at first glance there aren't. Some have tried to reform the redistricting process, which I think most people (except the congressmen/women) support but is doomed, I think, to fail. There are, however, a few seats that aren't as untouchable as many might think. They are the 8th, 9th and 11th districts, held by Mike Rogers, Joe Knollenberg and Thaddy McCotter, respectively. In the coming days, I will be profiling each of their districts as well as the men's elective history. Maybe one of you out there might decide get involved and make for an interesting election cycle.

Monday, August 15, 2005


EPIC-MRA Numbers

A new poll has mixed results:

Right track: 28%
Wrong track: 59%

Granholm job rating: positive 54% (52)
negative 46% (44)

governor Match-ups:

Granholm 56% (51)
DeVos 36% (33)
Undecided 8% (16)

Granholm 47%
Miller 45%
Undecided 8%

Funny thing is, Miller won't be running. Granholm might have dodged a bullet.

Republican Primary (Governor):

Miller: 43% (Not running)
DeVos: 29%
Ted Nugent: 8% (Not running)
David Brandon: 6% (Not running)
Jack Hoogendyk: 4%
Nancy Cassis: 4%
Undecided: 6%

Republican Primary (Senate):

Land: 37 %
Brandon: 12% (Not running)
Butler: 18%
Zandstra: 14%
Baron:5% (Not running)
Neydoun: 1%
Undecided: 12%

Stabenow Numbers:
Re-elect: 40%
Consider someone new: 29%
Vote against: 19%
Undecided: 12%

Granholm Numbers:
Re-elect: 33%
Consider someone new: 31%
Vote against: 23%
Undecided: 13%

It looks like DeVos has locked up the Republican primary, he's got a lot of baggage however, and if the republicans has managed to field a better candidate they might have been able to knock out Granholm. The senatorial primary looks to be messy, the establishment is behind Butler, thinking they will be able to split the black vote, but Land might not back down. Even if she does, Zandstra is running a strong campaign. It should be interesting.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Granholm's News Of The Week 8/6/2005

Investment Mission Nets 500+ Jobs

While on a mission to Japan to bring back jobs and encourage company expansions here in Michigan, we made contact with more than 150 businesses. We touted opportunities for expansion or investment in Michigan in the areas of international life sciences, advanced automotive, and alternative energy.

Michigan’s highly-skilled workforce, its reputation as the North American capital of high-tech auto research and manufacturing, and its commitment to investing in both life sciences and high-tech industry give Michigan an edge over other states. I brought the message that Michigan is home to 15 public universities and is the nation’s third leading producer of engineering bachelor’s degree graduates; that Michigan has the highest percentage of engineers of any state; and that more automotive research and design companies’ headquarters are located in Michigan than in any other state in the U.S.

I cited important links between our respective economies, noting that some 600 divisions, affiliates, and subsidiaries of Japanese companies operate in Michigan. These companies employ about 100,000 Michigan citizens and contribute $8 billion to the state’s economy. Major Michigan companies such as Ford, General Motors, Dow Chemical, and Stryker are similarly seeking to grow their businesses in Japan.

I discussed my five-point economic plan and Michigan’s commitment to building an exceptional workforce by expanding access to higher education, making Michigan more competitive by restructuring business taxes, and diversifying Michigan’s economy by investing $2 billion in industries of the future.

Tokai Rika to Expand Operations in Battle Creek, Jackson and Plymouth

Following a meeting in Japan last week with Tokai Rika Chairman Yoshihei Iida and President Kiyoshi Kinoshita in Nagoya, Japan, they announced that the company will create 230 new jobs by 2009, by investing $50 million to expand its operations in Battle Creek, Jackson, and Plymouth.

Tokai Rika’s plan to invest and grow in Michigan is great news for the three communities as well as the entire state. This announcement is a clear indicator that companies from around the world see Michigan as the epicenter of North American automotive research, design, and advanced manufacturing. As the global economy continues to impact Michigan, I will continue to tell high tech engineering firms, manufacturers, life science companies, and alternative fuel developers that Michigan should be their first choice for job creation.

One of the vital member companies of Toyota Motor Company group, Tokai Rika is engaged in the manufacturing, sales, and research and development of switches, locks and keys, seatbelts, and other auto-related products. In Michigan, the company employs more than 1,100 people at three facilities: TRAM, Inc. in Plymouth which is the holding company for selling products and also houses a testing facility; TAC Mfg, Inc. in Jackson which manufactures steering wheels, air bags, and shift levers; and TRMI, Inc. in Battle Creek which manufactures automotive switches.
Click here to read more.

DENSO to Expand North American Headquarters in Southfield

DENSO Corporation President and CEO Koichi Fukaya last week announced that the company will expand its North American headquarters in Southfield. The $36 million expansion will create 250 new jobs by 2010.

For nearly 40 years, DENSO and the state of Michigan have maintained a strong partnership that has meant thousands of good-paying jobs for our families and helped the company grow into one of the three largest automotive suppliers in the world. DENSO’s decision to expand its headquarters here strengthens that partnership and solidifies Michigan’s standing as the undisputed North American center of automotive research, design, and manufacturing.

DENSO International America, Inc., the parent company for DENSO’s North American operations, oversees original automotive equipment sales, product engineering, and technical support for sales, finance, product market research, and North American expansion project support. Click here to read more.

Granholm Accepts “Gift of Science” at World Expo 2005

Dassault Systèmes, a global advanced engineering software company headquartered in Suresnes, France, donated a state-of-the-art exhibit to The New Detroit Science Center that it created for the French Pavilion at the World Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan. The exhibit is valued at approximately $1 million and demonstrates the high-tech, audio-video equipment used to turn drawings into reality.

Philippe Forestier, executive vice president of Dassault Systemes Paris, and Bernard Testu, commissioner general of the French Pavilion, presented the gift to Michigan during a ceremony at World Expo. The exhibit is a large “Sea Anemone” made from 6,000 iridescent plastic petals lit to give the illusion of life. This amazing exhibit will help promote the value and fun of science, and stimulate the next generation of critical thinkers, innovative scientists, and ground-breaking engineers right here in our state.


MDP: Michigan Briefing 8/5/05

The Michigan Briefing
Friday, August 05, 2005


Governor Jennifer M. Granholm is in Traverse City today to speak to automotive researchers and visit a local high tech manufacturer to highlight her five-part economic plan. The Governor said the two visits demonstrate the state's goal of building on its existing economic strengths
while growing cutting edge technologies including life sciences, homeland security and alternative energies. For more information, visit: LINK


Michigan entrepreneurs are ready for the challenge of world-competition, U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow said today. But, she said, the federalgovernment also has a role to play by enforcing trade agreements and fostering research to keep the U.S. on the cutting edge of new technology.
For more information, visit: LINK


Today Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer called on GOP gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos to demand his money back from right wing extremist Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO). Tancredo, who in 1998 received $1,000 from DeVos' political action committee Restoring the American Dream, was the recent author of reprehensible anti-Islamic statements. For more
information, visit: LINK


Read Brewer's letter to the Lansing State Journal at LINK


Wrapping up her investment mission to Japan, Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today announced eight additional companies expressed to her and the Michigan delegation their plans to invest and create new jobs in Michigan in the near future. The eight companies are: Hitachi Automotive, Sekisui Chemical, Nippon Antenna, Nippon Piston Ring, Advanced Special Tools, Nakagawa Special Steel, Taiko Device Technologies and A&D Inc. For more information, visit: LINK


The $286 billion transportation funding bill approved by Congress last week will create more than 61,500 jobs in Michigan and provides $2 million for the West Portage Avenue realignment and another $6 million for I-75 construction down to the U.S. 2 intersection at St. Ignace, U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow said today. For more information, visit: LINK


This week marks the 40th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Voting Rights Act was a significant gain for civil rights because it helped millions exercise their right to vote by outlawing poll taxes and literacy tests among other things. For more information, visit: LINK


The Republican National Committee's annual summer meeting, titled "Give Us a Chance, We'll Give You a Choice," begins today in Pittsburgh, PA. Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean today noted that President Bush's choices never seem to be in the interests of African American working families. For more information, visit: LINK


Wednesday, August 03, 2005



The two winners in these races will move on the the general election in November. There aren't too many surprises here, unless there are big upsets, expect Hendrix and Bernero to win.

Detroit Mayor:

Freman Hendrix: 45%
Kwame Kilpatrick: 33%
Sharon McPhail: 12%
Hansen Clarke: 9%

Lansing Mayor:

Dale Abronowitz: 9%
Tony Benavides : 27%
Virg Bernero: 46%
Lynne Martinez: 19%

In other news, Fabius township has approved a ballot option to allow Wal-Mart to set up shop on the town line with Three Rivers. About 66% voted for Wal-Mart and turnout was 1200, or 50% of registered voters.

As LJ spoke about in the previous post, it's pretty clear that if you aren't a corporate whore and you want to win, you can. There is a ton of stuff about ways to compete at Swing State Project and DailyKos as well. In about a weeks time, I'm going to run through vulnerable seats in Michigan. There is no good reason not to run. If you're a good candidate, you can win. If you need help, there is a huge online comunity dedicated just to you. Think it over.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Maybe I'm out in left field on this one, but I just don't understand why prominent Democrats such as Senator Hillary Clinton of New York and Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan are getting involved in this non threat to children.

It's been reported that there is some mod program available on "the internets" that unlock hidden sexual adult content on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. For whatever reason, this has become a priority for some Democratic legislators. WHY?

For goodness sake, with Bush's crimes against democracy, humanity, peace, and the environment, Hil and Jen decide to attack a video game. The worst they can come up with for Bush is that he is "abusing power." Come on now. At least congressional hopeful, Paul Hackett called Bush a son of a bitch, and managed 48.5% of the vote in one of the heaviest Republican districts in the country.

The Democratic party needs to refocus it's attention and efforts to important issues that matter to everyday Americans, and stop worrying about some teen age kids getting their jollies off of a video game that includes a code that you can attain on the internet... where you can attain kajillions of hours of porn already.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Primary Day

So I've been really busy recently, but today is just too important to let slip through. Among the races I'm following are the mayoral primaries in Lansing and Detroit, as well as a Wal-Mart referendum in Fabius, MI, where I am currently holed up. Updated to come as results come in.

Monday, August 01, 2005


At Risk Of Going Red?

The unfortunate fact is, Michigan is probably more of a red state than a blue one. Sure, John Kerry took the state by a few percentage points, and yeah, our Governor is also Democratic.

The problem Michigan has is that 9 of our 15 U.S. Representatives are Republican. Also, both of our state legislative houses are Republican run. This leaves little wiggle room for our Democratic Governor to push forward her agenda to revive the economy of Michigan.

We have to do everything possible to gain control of the state house and senate, all the while, retaining the Governorship. As it is said, "All Politics Is Local." We have to be as organized and aggressive as possible to keep Michigan from going red.

At the federal level, 2006 will be an awesome opportunity to Democrats to regain control of the house and senate. Thankfully, both of our U.S. Senators are Democrats, but Senator Stabenow is running for re-election, and we can't afford to lose this seat.

There are many things we can do turn Michigan into a sweet shade of Progressive blue. First, go to and register with the party. Sign up for their email list, and keep up with local issues that the Michigan Democratic Party is pushing for. Contribute to the Michigan Democratic Party.

Next, we must run strong candidates against the Republican incumbents at the state and Federal level. How many of you have ever considered running for office? Now is the time if you have.

We must aggressively fight to take our state and country back from the corporatists and religious fanatics that control the Republican party.

But, as I said earlier, all politics is local. The Republicans have run a muck for long enough, and the majority of the country agrees. Do everything you can to save this state and country.

Now is the time!

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