Monday, August 01, 2005


At Risk Of Going Red?

The unfortunate fact is, Michigan is probably more of a red state than a blue one. Sure, John Kerry took the state by a few percentage points, and yeah, our Governor is also Democratic.

The problem Michigan has is that 9 of our 15 U.S. Representatives are Republican. Also, both of our state legislative houses are Republican run. This leaves little wiggle room for our Democratic Governor to push forward her agenda to revive the economy of Michigan.

We have to do everything possible to gain control of the state house and senate, all the while, retaining the Governorship. As it is said, "All Politics Is Local." We have to be as organized and aggressive as possible to keep Michigan from going red.

At the federal level, 2006 will be an awesome opportunity to Democrats to regain control of the house and senate. Thankfully, both of our U.S. Senators are Democrats, but Senator Stabenow is running for re-election, and we can't afford to lose this seat.

There are many things we can do turn Michigan into a sweet shade of Progressive blue. First, go to and register with the party. Sign up for their email list, and keep up with local issues that the Michigan Democratic Party is pushing for. Contribute to the Michigan Democratic Party.

Next, we must run strong candidates against the Republican incumbents at the state and Federal level. How many of you have ever considered running for office? Now is the time if you have.

We must aggressively fight to take our state and country back from the corporatists and religious fanatics that control the Republican party.

But, as I said earlier, all politics is local. The Republicans have run a muck for long enough, and the majority of the country agrees. Do everything you can to save this state and country.

Now is the time!

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