Thursday, June 02, 2005


A Granholm win?

SUSA makes her look vulnerable, EPIC/MRA makes her look shakey, but the fact the she pushed a 1 billion dollar bond proposal through the state senate makes her look strong. The gop is wicked scared of appearing like they are getting in the way of economic progress in the state. I guess this is their half way approach, taking the initial 2 billion down to size. Cassis, Hoogendyk and Garcia can't be too pleased. (I'm betting on Valde in the primary.)


Bad news for the RNSC and the RNCC

A new EPIC-MRA poll shows Debbie with huge leads over four of her possible opponents, Butler and Abraham as well as Zandstra and Baron. The fact of the matter is that people don't have any reason to dislike her, she does a good job and unless she runs a horrible campaign, which I doubt, she will win. This also means the gop will have to run negative early, that takes a lot of money. This poll might give dems a slight edge however, giving Granholm a 52% approval rating. Bush gets a 55% neg rating, which might be a bit to nasty for him. If this poll is dead on, then the gop is really in trouble.

Rogers gets into trouble with those hippie treehuggers who don't want oil slicks covering the great lakes.

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