Wednesday, August 03, 2005



The two winners in these races will move on the the general election in November. There aren't too many surprises here, unless there are big upsets, expect Hendrix and Bernero to win.

Detroit Mayor:

Freman Hendrix: 45%
Kwame Kilpatrick: 33%
Sharon McPhail: 12%
Hansen Clarke: 9%

Lansing Mayor:

Dale Abronowitz: 9%
Tony Benavides : 27%
Virg Bernero: 46%
Lynne Martinez: 19%

In other news, Fabius township has approved a ballot option to allow Wal-Mart to set up shop on the town line with Three Rivers. About 66% voted for Wal-Mart and turnout was 1200, or 50% of registered voters.

As LJ spoke about in the previous post, it's pretty clear that if you aren't a corporate whore and you want to win, you can. There is a ton of stuff about ways to compete at Swing State Project and DailyKos as well. In about a weeks time, I'm going to run through vulnerable seats in Michigan. There is no good reason not to run. If you're a good candidate, you can win. If you need help, there is a huge online comunity dedicated just to you. Think it over.

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