Wednesday, August 31, 2005


A juicy story for the end of summer

I will be interested to watch how this one plays out. There were some surprise shakeups in the BRAC meetings. Congressman Joe Schwarz (7-R) managed to save a base in his district and how he managed to get some planes for it. It seems however, he did it at the expense of the Selfridge Air National Gard Base, located in Candice Miller's (10-R) district. At stake are 24 A-10 Thunderbolt aircrafts and the jobs associated with them. See the stories here and here. Joe wants a 12-12 split, and Candice wants all 24 to her self. The split makes a lot more sense, and Joe has the sway to win out, but here comes the kicker, Granholm gets to decide. It's not so often that you get a US Rep sticking her head out to fight a member of her own party just to get it cut by the other parties governor. Maybe Granholm will try to cut some deal with Miller? Who can say? Like I said, I'm interested.

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