Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Maybe I'm out in left field on this one, but I just don't understand why prominent Democrats such as Senator Hillary Clinton of New York and Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan are getting involved in this non threat to children.

It's been reported that there is some mod program available on "the internets" that unlock hidden sexual adult content on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. For whatever reason, this has become a priority for some Democratic legislators. WHY?

For goodness sake, with Bush's crimes against democracy, humanity, peace, and the environment, Hil and Jen decide to attack a video game. The worst they can come up with for Bush is that he is "abusing power." Come on now. At least congressional hopeful, Paul Hackett called Bush a son of a bitch, and managed 48.5% of the vote in one of the heaviest Republican districts in the country.

The Democratic party needs to refocus it's attention and efforts to important issues that matter to everyday Americans, and stop worrying about some teen age kids getting their jollies off of a video game that includes a code that you can attain on the internet... where you can attain kajillions of hours of porn already.

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