Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Results start to trickle in

From around the state, the Free Press is reporting that State Rep. Clarence Phillips has beaten incumbent mayor Willie Payne in Pontiac today. I'm not sure, but I think the seat will remain vacant until next year (does anybody know for sure?). The seat is solid blue and Phillips is term limited after this cycle.

In East Lansing, Kevin Beard and Victor Loomis, an incumbent won seats on the City Council, beating out William Sharp and John Fournier.

In Ferndale, a ballot question legalizing medical marijuana has passed.

In Lansing, Virg Bernero is leading sitting Mayor Tony Benavides 60%-40% while Chris Swope is leading incumbent Clerk Debbie Miner by a slightly smaller margin. 23% of precincts are reporting.

And finally, in Detroit very early results put Hendrix up about 35 points over Kilpatrick, but like I said, these are very early.

To fill the State Rep. vacancy in Pontiac, governor calls special election. Same thing for State Senate vacancy in Lansing. Gov. picks the date.
Thanks, it should be fun, I'm always a fan of special elecitons.
Good to see Bernero win, if for no other reason to see special elections.

I was hoping Loomis lost in East Lansing, but I'll settle for one anti-student incumbent to get the boot.
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