Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Poor Schwarz

This guy just doesn't get any love. The Club for Growth will be funding his opponent again this year, only this time, they've gotten into the game early. Last year's election was a mess for the conservatives. Check out the repub primary with 73467 total votes.

14.0%-- Bisbee
11.4 % --DeRossett
6.7% ---DeWeese
27.8% --Schwarz
17.7 % --Walberg

The conservative vote was split, mainly between the Club for Growth candidate and son of fmr. Rep Nick Smith, Brad Smith and Tim Walberg a former state legisltor. The year the conservatives aren't messing around, putting their backing solidly behind Walberg very early on. Schwarz has a lot of cash on hand, about 330k while Walberg hasn't started raising money yet. This race could get hot, but Schwarz really isn't as moderate as many had feared and he hasn't made too many new enemies on the right. I suspect that the sitting congressman will take this race easily, but you never know. I'll be keeping an eye on this race.

That election in 04 was one of the biggest clustermucks we've had in conservative primary history. As a state senator, Schwarz has angered gun owners, pro-lifers, tax hawks, and conservatives in general with his votes, but even more by his comments.

DeRossett raised the early money and got some gun organization support in an attempt to unite behind a candidate. However, he's pro-union to some degree, so he's unacceptable to the Chamber who backs Bisbee, who is unacceptable to gun owners. RTL followed the Chamber, but most of their members really wanted to back Walberg. Club for Growth backed Brad Smith.

And the rest was history.
The Schwarz v. Walberg matchup should be very interesting.

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