Thursday, November 03, 2005


Out of the Woodwork

I just picked this up from Matt over at Michigan Liberal. Mike Rogers will be challenged from the right (what!?!) in the primary nexy year. Here's the story. Patrick Flynn of Green Oak has thrown his hat into the ring, complaining about a trip Rogers' sponsored to bring former EPA Director C.T. Whitman to the state to promote her book. Whitman is no fan of the uber conservatives (like this Flynn fellow) and it does seem a bit odd that Rogers would bring her.

Flynn's campaign will seem to focus on abortion and gay marriage and while he certainly won't win, Rogers will have to spend a bit of money, and probably say some really stupid things about how he isn't really a moderate. All in all, this is no good for Rogers, it makes him more vulnerable. I wouldn't expect the Club for Growth to get involved.

Mike does a good job of protecting his right flank, particulary on life, 2nd amendment, and tax issues. Those are the three major focal points on the right flank (especially in Livingston County), and Mike's solid on all of those.

Geographicwise, Flynn and Rogers are both from Hamburg Township in Livingston County.

Patrick Flynn sometimes posts in the comment section on my blog. There's no "doublespeak" (which I can't stand) with his views. Everyone that hears from him will know where he stands, and I respect that.
Do you think he'll stay in the race?
No, No, No, guys and gals, not just abortion and gay "marriage." Click on my name, check out my site. My issues page is extensive and lays my heart bare. I truly believe we will grow good government with true conservative backbone, not compromise with the left. I want the homosexual flag to come down from Howell High School, I want my daughter to be safe driving home from work at night, I want to leave my door unlocked, I want to decide where I can carry my .357 rather than the state deciding, I want to be able to inherit my dad's modest savings untaxed, I want immigrants to be actively working on receiving their legal citizenship or making plans to go home, I want wacko murderers in the Middle East to know that time's up. You get the picture. Thanks for the soapbox.
While I can't say I agree with you on everything, you have a nice website, and a nicer family. If you expect to win this race though, you're going to have to bring up a lot more issues than Rogers' selling out the true Republican ideals. Rogers' is morally bankrupt in more ways than one...
Jon, Thank you for your kind words. My family is more of a blessing than I deserve. The Whitman thing is more than just one issue. I believe it reveals what Mike really believes in his heart and that can play itself out in so many ways in Mike's congressional career. I really feel that District 8 deserves a congressman who represents their hearts both on and off the congressional floor. Mike believes that marriage should be a state by state definition. I could not disagree more. Mike believes in amnesty for illegal imigrants. I am vehemently opposed to amnesty. According to the databases, Mike did not personally sign either of the following two state-wide petitions: The partial-birth abortion override, and the Michigan marriage amendment. So that is why I believe Mike's cooperation with the anti-Christian It's My Party Too is indicative of a larger philosophy crisis. I appreciate the dialog.
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