Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Michigan Politics

It was fun. I've had a good time, put in some time and got a lot out of it but this will be my last post at Michigan Politics. I thank you all for visiting, reading, and contributing to the dialouge that began to grow here. I will be moving over to Michigan Liberal and will start posting there. I encourage you all (even republicans) to check the site out. It is bursting with information and has some nice tech behind it. I think the dialouge that happened here was healthy and hope it continues at Michigan Liberal.

Again, thanks for reading, I'm going to leave the site up, there are plenty of predictions in the earlier posts, and I wouldn't want the cover anything up.

Best of luck Jon.

I really thought the work you did here was priceless. I'll be following you over to Michigan Liberal.

Take care!
Jon, you did good work here. Glad to see that you're leaving the site up. I'm an elections junky

I'll probably go to MI liberal, although I'll stick to the election threads there in most cases.

Just kidding. Best wishes over at michigan liberal.
Jon, Say it aint so!
I guess I missed why you're leaving???

Check out my buddies blog:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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