Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Dead Heat in Detroit

The first exit polls are mixed, as the Detroit News shows Hendrix up 10 points while the Free Press puts him up only 4. The DetNews poll included about 200 more voters, so take what you will from that.

Things have been swirling around Detroit Clerk Jackie Currie for some time now, but things are really starting to heat up today. Matt has posted a lot about this over at Michigan Liberal but tonight, a judge has issued an order that would keep ballots from being sent to the clerk's office. Here are some stories from the Free Press and the Detroit News.

The NAACP also filed suit against the MiGOP over poll monitors that the party sent to the election today. Here's a story.

Looks like Channel 4/Detroit News has been backing off their early big calls for Hendrix. This could go late into the night. we'll see.
I just saw that, the change in the frontpage at detnews is really amazing. Polling in detroit seems somewhat suspect...
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