Tuesday, November 01, 2005



From the Free Press today, we learn that both Dick DeVos and Keith Butler will not be supporting the MCRI ballot proposal to get rid of affirmative action. Their statement was clearly coordinated, as they both announced on the same day. Bouchard made no such announcement. Zandstra has already come out in support of the proposal.

Here are a couple things to note. DeVos want's Butler to win the primary. He is the only candidate that could give DeVos any boost by helping bring the conservatice black vote to the repubs. That's why we see the collusion. As for the ballot proposal, this really complicates things. While I really doubt that these two will every bring up the subject again, I think the gooper base might not like this news. This is something that all those white suburban parents whose kids are applying to school probably care about. I presume that Bouchard will come out for MCRI, looking to find some way to capture the gooper base. This race has goten very interesting, more and more by the day. I'm sure there'll be fireworks before the end.

Puts Attorney General Mike Cox in an interesting position. He supports the MCRI but is now at odds with the Rev. Butler, who Cox has endorsed for U.S. Senate.
I've heard that all endorcements are up in the air again. With Bouchard's entrance and Zandstra gaining a bit of credibility, it wouldn't surprise me if Butler started losing his endorcements.
I think the winner might actually be Zandstra.

Bouchard and Butler are both from Oakland County, and Bouchard's entry may give an advantage to Zandstra by geography.

This should be an interesting primary for two reasons. One is three way primaries will give everyone publicity(which helps since the candidates are unknown). The other is that two different branches of the national party are in conflict. While the RNC and Ken Mehlman seems to like Butler, the NRSC (Elizabeth Dole) never seemed to care much for him or Zandsta. That's why there was the push for (insert white millionare here) from the Detroit area.
I couldn't agree more. This is something you would expect to see in a dem primary, the lack of coordination and adherence to the party line. I don't think Dole is going to be chair for another term, if she serves out this one...
Can you use a lighter color on the comments?

I don't think Cox "is at odds" with a person merely because he disagrees with Butler (or anyone) on one issue. This is proof that a real and honest debate (generally, but especially on the race issue) can happen within the Republican Party -- something that you won't see significant Democrats doing. Open parties win more often - closed parties less.

By the way, MCRI doesn't "end affirmative action" as your header suggests - it ends preferential treatment by race or gender. There are many types of outreach, job postings, and socio-economic programs that would not be affected - and even encouraged. Universal government programs, rather than preferential ones, are also not philosophically suspect (some may be impractical).
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