Monday, October 03, 2005


The Tony Trupiano Show

Thaddeus McCotter sounds like that kind of congressman that's been around for a long time, but this fellow is only 40 years old. He drew himself a funny shaped district while in the state senate and won election after redistricting in 2002. He won by %17 in 2002 and %16 in 2004. That's all well and good, but 2006 will prove to be a bad year for "Thad" methinks. Talk show host Tony Trupiano has thrown in his hat and will (my opinion) wipe the floor with Thaddy. Things just aren't going well for the GOP these days. I can't remember the last bussiness day that a high level official was indicted. The great thing about indictments, is that they're not even a quarter of the fun. The trials of Frist, DeLay and maybe Rove, Libby, et al. will stretch on and provide lots of fodder during next summer's (pre-election) media doldrum. Thad has accepted 20k from DeLay alone... (ties him for 25th most money accepted from the guy). McCotter is an anti-environment fundamentalist, plenty corrupt (here, here and here), and not pretty enough to get away with it. He doesn't have enough money to beat Trupiano.

I talked to Tony last week about the race and he is very upbeat. I've heard that there are other considering running in the primary but I doubt anyone could mount an effective campaign against this guy. He is a talk radio show host, he talks to people for a living and is very good at it. He just pulled his archives from the net, which is too bad, there were some great shows. Tony is a nice guy, and he is well connected to the online community, with bloggers appearing on his show daily. You can expect that this will be one of the house races that garners nation-wide netroots support, both physical and ideological. He doesn't have a site up yet, but when he does, I'll post it here.

Tony's site is

He has my full support. The quote that I find most upsetting that I know originated from Thad's mouth is as follows... "For those people who believe America is the greatest threat to peace in the world, I ask them never to show their faces in public again." (source:

The problem with the quote is not that his disagreement with America being a threat to world peace... but I'm appauled with the fact that a government official is basically stifling free speech! I agree that MAYBE the position of America being the GREATEST threat to world peace could be extreme, but it is undoubted at least a possibility. To not accept them in the public forum is basically asking them to give up their right to free speech, is it not?
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