Monday, October 24, 2005


A New Strategy

And by the looks of it, a pretty good one. I've been noticing some strange behavior recently from the Granholm administration. First she called on Bush to lower gas prices (like she did), then she started a petition to do the same (through Bush) and just today she writes (publicly) to our congressional delegation asking them to do something about the auto industry at the federal level (like national health care.) I think there is generally a larger divide between national and state politics. Here's Granholm's problem, times are not good. If the 2006 election is a referendum on her, she'll lose in a landslide. If, however, it is a referendum on the Bush administration (33% approval), then all she needs to do is divert the blame. There's no better way to do it than by looking busy.

Here's her plan. She won't run against DeVos, she'll run against Bush. I think it's kinda dirty, seeing as how Bush really has little interest in defending himself, but hey, DeVos can fight back. To defeat this plan, all DeVos has to do is side with Granholm on this and criticize Bush for destroying the Michigan economy... Yeah, I laughed to. This is looking to be a fun race.

DeVos can easily say, bush is part of the problem, but Granholm didn't do enough. .. other states saw booms, what is wrong with michigan? the problem is in Lansing.

He could devert the attention away from Washington. That could be the battle though. Then Michigan voters have to decide. Who's at fault, Bush or Granholm.

I'd take that race if i was her.
So would I. Bush's numbers are scary. The problem is, the people that still like him really like him. I don't think DeVos can say anything bad about the guy without alienating half his base.

As for the boom in other states, I think that's a bit overstated. I don't think michigan is doing all that much worse than other states, we just have one sector that isn't performing well because they have to much influence. It's sad really.
Not so easy for DeVos given:

1. How much money has the DeVos family given Bush?

2. All the public comments in support of Bush by Betsy and Dick.
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