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I know, these are getting old, but this one is important. EPIC/MRA just released a poll on economic blame (props to MNR). Here are the results:

Michigan's economic problems:
Bush: 39%
Granholm: 24%
Both: 14%
Neither: 14%
Undecided: 9%

Manufacturing losses in Michigan:
Bush: 43%
Granholm: 19%
Both: 12%
Neither: 14%
Undecided: 12%

That's bad news for DeVos. Especially on the manufacturing losses. He is going to have to make one hell of a pitch to convince people to change their minds. I think Granholm will be a better campaigner than to let that happen. The poll also gave some early numbers on the race:

Granholm opinion: 55/35/9
Granholm job rating: 46/52/2

Granholm v. DeVos (last month):
Granholm: 53% (50)
DeVos: 30% (30)
Undecided: 17% (20)

A third would reelect Granholm, a third would consider someone new and only 18% would vote against her while 16% can't make up their minds.

DeVos has 69% name recognition with 20/16/33 approval, it looks like early on, people are willing to give him a chance.

EPIC-MRA did all of the polling for the 2002 Granholm's results are much different than the one from yesterday (Strategic Vision), which had twice the sample size...makes ya wonder!
The EPIC-MRA poll has a +/- of 4%, which isn't bad at all. The polls don't line up on the gov race, but they do line up on gov job approval, 46/52/2 compared to 44/49/7. EPIC-MRA is a local, and in my opinion, highly reliable poll source while Strategic Vision is a Republican, out of state pollster. In terms of bias and expertise, I'm not saying that EPIC-MRA has clean hands, but they certainly have the upper hand.
Jon, let me just say you are doing a fantastic job here on this site.

I also gave you a plug over on my site, LJ's Blogorific, while stealing your poll information.

Your site really is the authority on Michigan Politics.

Well Done!
thank you kindly, i do enjoy a good plug.
Jon, have you posted on your blog about Granholm's new guy, John Burchett? Enjoyed your post on DailyKos about him, would like to know more.

Also, keep us up to date on Fieger's run for AG. I don't think anyone can beat Cox unless there's the fabled live boy/dead girl scenario, but Jeff sure will get under the Diminutive One's skin in a big way.

Excellent blog, keep up the good work.
It's hard to believe anyone as politically biased as Bernie Porn (EIPC-MRA) could conduct a straight poll. It's possible he's able to put his prejudices aside, but I doubt it.

It's a little funny to read a commenter above referring to an "out of state, Republican" polling outfit, ignoring the rabid (and often just plain ignorant) liberal rantings of our good friend Bernie.
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