Monday, September 26, 2005


Zandstra Don't get no Love

Wow, I knew that the GOP would back Butler, but I didn't know they would disrespect Zandstra. According to this Detroit News article, people couldn't even hear Zandstra's speach because people were talking over him during a recent gathering of GOP leaders. Note the poll at the end of the story:

Butler: 13%
Zandstra: 7%
Undecided: 80%

After a bit of bio information:
Butler: 22%
Zandstra: 30%
Undecided: 48%

Zandstra is a strong candidate, the GOP higher-ups aren't giving him the time of day and they'll regret it. They're going to spend millions and millions on this primary, making noise for a candidate that is going to get beat. I think it's going to get dirty before the dust settles. The GOP is falling into the polling trap, looking at some numbers and thinking that running a black man will win you an election. It's not the case. Not only will Butler lose the primary, but black voters will come out in force to vote against the party that rejected them and their candidate. It looks like George Bush hates black people a bit more these days.

Ive got serious issues with Butler. Ran across this the other day.
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