Friday, September 16, 2005


A Picture Finally in Focus

There's been a lot of talk recently about the expected funding cut for Michigan Youth Correctional Facility by Gov. Granholm. State Sen. Michelle McManus has been making a lot of noise about the matter, seemingly determined to prevent the Granholm funding veto. The issue is, the prison employs around half of the county residents, granted there are only around 500 residents, it will still have a significant impact. Today, however, the Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service filed a suit aganst the state, trying to force them to make upgrades to the facility. While McManus is claiming that the suit is merely a threat, an attempt to scare away any support she might have gathered, I see it the other way around. The way the Granholm Administration has been dealing with the issue (fishy like), it seemed like they knew something that others did not. It would not surprise me if the advocacy service tipped of Granholm of their upcoming suit so that she could cut the funding. Either way, it was a nice piece of manuvering by the advocacy service. Karl couldn't have done better himself.

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