Friday, September 23, 2005


New poll numbers

From MRG (Media Research Group) and EPIC/MRA via the Detroit Free Press. EPIC/MRA asks only likley voters while MRG is for all registered voters.

Granholm Numbers (favorable/approve/disapprove):
MRG: 54/56/34
EPIC/MRA: 57/46/49

Granholm: %49
DeVos: %34
Undecided: %16

Granholm: %50 (56)
DeVos: %30 (36)
Undecided: %20 (8)

Granholm Numbers (approve/disapprove):
EPIC/MRA: 54/37

Stabenow: %49
Butler: %25
Undecided: %26

Stabenow: %50
Zandstra: %22
Undecided: %28

Bush Numbers (approve/disapprove):
MRG: 40/53
EPIC/MRA: 36/63

Wow, these numbers are really all over the place. I'm not going to read too much into them this early on. All I can infer is that Granholm somehow is avoiding the wrath of a state with the nations highest (or almost) unemployment rate. One thing to note is Bush's numbers, they are very low. Very, very low. That might not bode well for GOPers this next fall.

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