Monday, September 12, 2005


Lots of News

The squrmish bewteen Reps Joe Schwarz and Candice Miller has taken an interesting turn as the final report from the base closing comission was handed to the president for his consideration. The 24 A-10 Warthogs that seemed to rest in Granholm's hand only a few days ago seem to have been sent to Selfridge Air Nat'l Gard Base, in Miller's district, instead of a 12-12 compromise that Granholm was leaning towards. Battle Creek story here and the Macolm Daily story here. This seems to have caught everybody off guard, except Miller of course, I wonder what kind of strings she had to pull to get this in the report...

In other news, State Rep. Alexander Lipsey (D-60, Kalamazoo) is beginning to up his profile in preparation for the Attn. General race. In recent weeks, he has appeared on "Off the Record" and has got his name in the paper opposing possible action by Attn. Gen. Mike Cox that would limit low-income and elderly voting. There is no primary for this election, and the candidate will be chosen during the MDP caucus.

In Lansing, a tentative compromise seems to have been reached on next years budget. It brings decent news for schools, who will recieve a 175$ per pupil increase. I think we should spend $20k per student, but then again, nobody asked me.

In the governors race, State Sen. Nancy Cassis has finally bowed out, leaving only Dick DeVos to challenge Granholm. He will lose. Pyramid schemes aren't that popular these days. It is unclear whether she would run as Lt. Governor for DeVos.

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