Wednesday, September 07, 2005


It's all in the wording

A proposed constitutional ammedment that seems to have the support of Senate leader Ken Sikkema smells funny to me. This bill, is a reaction to Kelo v. New London, the recent Supreme Court ruling that gave cities the power to sieze private property for private use, a major shift from only the public use. While Michigan courts have not signed on to this particular idea, and they aren't forced to, this pre-emptive ammendment might be a good idea (if you like property rights). Don't get me wrong, I'm all for kicking people out of thier homes for public things, like schools and hospitals... but not for Wal-Marts. The problem with this bill is the last few words.

A taking of private property under subsection (1) is not
considered to be for the use or benefit of the public if the property is transferred to a private entity for the primary benefit of the private entity.

What the hell is the "Primary benefit of the private entity?" I don't know, let's let the courts decide. So the republicans finally had a chance to stand up for something they stole from the libertarian/democratic platform, and they can't even do it right. That's life I suppose.

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