Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I missed the last one

Tip to Michigan Liberal, for bringing up the last drunk driving incident (I was away at the time). The perp was none other than State Rep. David Law (R-39) who was weaving in and out of his lane while driving his Jeep a bit too fast. He doesn't have a safe seat either. He won his last election with only %52.4 of the vote in a district that voted for Kerry %51.2. He spend almost 200k on the last race, his opponent only spent 75k. This is a race that would have been close anyway, I called that months ago, but this single event pushes this seat to a lean dem catagory. From Friday April 22, 2005"

David Law represents the 39th district in Oakland county. He easily outspent his opponent Michael Schwartz. The district was held previously by Marc Shulman and he was quite popular but Law only managed to take 52% in the election. This one would be costly for the democrats but a little leadership and money from the state could haul this one in.

Anybody with heart could beat this guy.

No opponent has a bigger heart than David. He is the absolute best choice for his job of State Representative.
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