Monday, September 26, 2005


Guns, Gays and God

And the winner is.... Well come on now, they used "Gays" in the last election, and you certainly don't want to beat a dead horse into the ground, it looks like GUNS are up. But not really what you'd think. Legislation was introduced in the House that would relieve a person of their duty to flee before responding to an attack by force, or at least that's what I've read in various papers. Thing is, you don't have to flee. What this law would do, is allow for people to not be held liable for actions they take when they feel threatened. Say I'm taking a candy bar out of my pocket but John T. Happy sees me and things my candy bar is really a gun that I'm about to use to commit a crime. Under new legislation he can pull out his concealed firearm (as long as he's not in a school or church) and shoot me. Does he go to jail? Not under this new law.

Now hold on, that's never going to happen is it? No, it won't, but neither will somebody get sued or go to jail for defending themselves in a reasonable manner. This law is excessive and bad. The problems that it tries to prevent don't exist at all.

I've never shot a real gun so I won't say if I like them or not, but I have exercised my rights, and I do like them. In fact, I would like lots more rights, it makes me more free. The right to kill somebody and not have to answer for it however, is not a right that I nor anybody else in this country should have. I gladly cede this right.

Every time a police office fires their weapon, a full report is made out. For Americans that fire their weapons to kill others, we have a good judicial system that works out what will happen. This attempt to inject guns into an election that looks to go badly for the GOP is exceedingly weak. Just because people in Michigan like their guns, it doesn't mean they like shooting them, and it really doesn't mean they like shooting them at people. MIGOP is reaching...

Btw, this legislation was passed in Florida recently and national gun-control groups are raising money to defeat it here. I don't understand why this is a gun-control issue, it's more of a stupid politics making stupid laws issue but oh well.

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