Thursday, September 22, 2005


The Byrum Dynasty

Barb Byrum, daughter of House Minority Leader Diane Byrum (D-67) will be be running for her mother's seat after she is kicked out by term limits this year. This is a seat that Republicans had been watering at the mouth over, but now it looks quite a bit more distant. Byrum (the younger) is clearly looking to scare away a lot of outside cash by raising some major money before the reporting deadline. She has a $100 a plate dinner planned with Granholm. That's some major cash for a candidate at any level. She'll be going into the new year reporting well over $10k, who knows if the GOP will stay away or call her.

This seat changes my predictions as well, the Dems are now slated to pick up 5 seats, and lose none, with 5 up in the air.

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