Thursday, September 15, 2005


Abortion and the Courts

Once again, Republicans and abortion foes overreached when they pushed through the Legal Birth Definition Act. Most interestingly it included would provide that doctors could potentially be held criminally liable for infant deaths. Yesterday, US District Court struck down the law, calling it vague and an undue infringement on women's rights.

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is it true that this law could prohibit a woman from getting an abortion, even if it meant serious health problems or even death? i dont understand how these people can sleep at night.
don't you see? the health of the woman is just a loophole! But in all honesty, they have a belief, one that I disagree with, but one they hold. I don't agree with anything they try to do, but what pisses me off the most is how they take every oppurtunity (the same people here) to ban birth control, sex ed that makes sence...etc. Single ticket (abortion) voters usually don't vote on abortion, they usually vote on sexual repression. That really pisses me off.
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