Thursday, September 08, 2005


The 69th

It looks to be an interesting primary battle in the 69th as Mary Lindeman has scheduled a fundraiser on the 22nd of September. Her matchup with East Lansing Mayor Mark Meadows will be interesting. He will have the strong backing of the state party with Frank Kelley as his treasurer but Lindeman has run before and knows how to campaign without a lot of cash. She nearly beat current rep Gretchen Whitmer for the seat 5 years ago in the primary while being outspent 10-1. (300k-30k). I could get bloody. I'm not sure, but she might be the wife of very popular drain commisssioner Pat Lindeman, which would really put the county and state at odds with one another.

she is the wife of Pat Lindeman. i dont know if that will do much though...
I will just put the state and county party at odds with one another. Both candidates will have a lot of support, a lot of endorcements from office holders. I doubt it will turn messy, but Meadows had a lot of history he'll have to deal with.
As obvious from my screenname, I'm a Republican, but I'd be voting in the democrat primary for Lindemann if I lived in East Lansing, and not for dirty tricks.

As a former MSU student, I can't stand Meadows and his elitist anti-student attitude.
I can't find Lindeman on the virtual map. Does she have a campaign website? If so.. can someone please email me with it?

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