Wednesday, May 11, 2005



There has been some *chuckle* discussion about the latest polling numbers out of Survey USA. Granholm didn't do so well, garnering only a 36% approval rating. a That's pretty bad, but when you look at the splits, her beef is really with democrats and young people. I mean, nobody else is supporting her, but it makes sense for them not to. 18-34 year olds give her a 28% approval rating, not all that bizarre considering most young people with any sense in their heads and any need for a job get the hell out of this state. I think people are realizing that Michigan has a serious economic problem that needs to be fixed, and if somebody isn't willing to take bold action, then it will only get worse.

Right now Granholm is touring the state, promoting her tax shift that aids manufacturers and bond initiative. She doesn't realize that nothing short of radical change will make the economy any better. Think doubling the education spending or providing health care for every worker, some kind of plan that would help Michigan stand out. Of course these would never get through the legislature, but at least people would see her as trying to make a difference. Her current plans just kinda suck. The SBT reform is too complicated to score anything, and the bond preposal is just government spending on research, noble, but a drop in the bucket.

I think she assumed that she would have a bit more time before she would have to raise her public profile. She comes across very well, but when it comes time to go to the polls, people will have to decide if this is a governor that can pull the state out of recession. This one hasn't, and if it comes election time (even the primary) and things don't start to pick up (they won't), she's going to lose.

HOWEVER, the republicans in this state are disfunctional, and I wouldn't be surprised if whichever candidate they ran lost more. I could talk for some time about how Granholm has been a big let down for democrats, it will remain to be seen if they will hold back and support her or get some balls and kick her out in the primary.

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