Monday, May 16, 2005


Legislative Hot List

Based on my previous post about bills and laws in michigan, here's the hot that calls out items we should (IMO) track:

HR 4752 "Terri's Law"
This particular bill allows for an informal request to be granted by the court to block the "power of attorney" for the ending of life support (or a feeding tube) if the "guardian" is the 'spouse' and is either: A) Engaged in divorce proceedings or B) Engaged in a publicly acknowledged adulterous relationship...

Introduced by:
032 Acciavatti Daniel R 517-373-8931
041 Gosselin Robert R 517-373-1783
100 Hansen Goeff R 517-373-7317
093 Hummel Scott R 517-373-1778
056 Kehrl Herb D 517-373-2617
075 Kooiman Jerry R 517-373-2668
002 Lemmons Jr. LaMar D 517-373-0106
003 Lemmons III LaMar D 517-373-1776
098 Moolenaar John R 517-373-1791
078 Nitz Neal R 517-373-1796
103 Sheltrown Joel D 517-373-3817
040 Taub Shelley R 517-373-8670
089 Vander Veen Barb R 517-373-0838

What is this?? Why are the Lemmons' and Sheltrown's and Kehrl's of the legislature supporting this? I say email and call them demanding to know why they've sponsored something to undermine the power of attorney of spouses!

HB 4773

A classic republican 'tort reform' bill. It removes protections for the general public by deleting sections denying companies a "presumption of innocence" because of bribery or unethical activity!

HB 4770
The 'toothless wonder' that makes racial profiling for traffic stops illegal..well, sort of..but only if the officer breaks some other law in the process of racially profiling the person in question...aaahhhh, ok. Even better...the reps who raised it are ALL DEMOCRATS:

006 Cheeks Marsha D 517-373-0844
034 Clack Brenda D 517-373-8808
106 Gillard Matthew D 517-373-0833
009 Hunter Tupac D 517-373-1705
060 Lipsey Alexander D 517-373-1785
005 McConico Bill D 517-373-0144
068 Murphy Michael D 517-373-0826
054 Smith Alma D 517-373-1771
007 Smith Virgil D 517-373-0589
004 Waters Mary D 517-373-1008

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