Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Lansing Mayoral Race Heats Up

Lynn Martinez just announced that she would seek election to Lansing Mayor later this year. Here's what I think will go down. Benavides will lose the three way primary between him, Bernero and Martinez. He is like Regan, equipped with a competent staff, but really old and not very lucid. People are bound to find out. Add that to the fact that Martinez will be able to capture much of the Hispanic vote, I doubt it will even close. That brings us to the actual election, it's hard to tell right now; Virg can raise some dough and he scored some points with libertarians when he introduced a bill to protect employees but he usually rubs people the wrong way. Don't get me wrong, I worked for the guy a couple summers back, but I doubt he'll will this one. Martinez knows how to win elections and I think she'll take it. That means Virg could be back for a second term in the Senate, and that means Whitmer will have to find something else to run for... Should be interesting.

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