Thursday, May 12, 2005


A better abortion

Republicans have used abortion for years to get people to vote for them, but have never done anything about it (yes it is still legal). If you're not from Michigan, you might not know about a fun thing that Republicans dug up a few years ago. CANADIAN TRASH! Since the dems jumped on the bandwagon a couple years back, it seems like any and every politician in the state has railed against this evil encroachment of filth. As it turns out though, it's still coming unabated. Despite my congressman's (rogers) best efforts, which he informs me about monthly, this plague still haunts our pristine state. The problem that the republicans ran into was landfill owners bankroll their campaigns, and the canadians pay. So, when a democratic state rep offers a bill to make bringing in trash prohibitivley expensive, does the gop bite? NO!!!! This issue is destined to linger on and on, just like abortion, but better, because this time, both parties get to play.

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