Saturday, April 23, 2005


Statewide race outlook

Granholm is looking at Rep. Jack Hoogendyk (61-R) of Kalamazoo and Sen. Nancy Cassis (15-R) while Stabenow so far has to deal with Republicans Bart Baron, a Troy industrial engineer, and the Rev. Keith Butler of Southfield, who is a complete nutjob. A lot of candidates have declined a run against Stabenow and it seems like the state GOP will be lining up behind Butler if a better candidate doesn't emerge. He could easily win the primary, but I doubt he could beat Stabenow, she has a good record in the Senate, although she made some strange remarks about the Schiavo fiasco. I can't understand why Democrats attempt to capture the crazy religious vote, if they want to win elections, all they need to do is side with people, not their corporate sponsors.

I want to be a player/winner
from a citizin of nigria how do i register for the gamw.
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