Sunday, April 24, 2005


Hune takes some heat

This guy wins with 70% of the vote, I can't understand why, he seems like a real jerk.

Well, he IS very young. That much can be said of State Representative Hune.
I don't think there's anything wrong with youth, there is something wrong with Rep. Hune.
The Argus is owned by Gannett(formerly Phil Power) and is extremely hostile to Republicans. Rich Perlberg is particulary hostile. They do a good job at keeping us fired up. :)

I'm on the GOP exec committee in Livingston County and know Joe well. Joe's my rep and he's a good guy. He's extremely popular out in the Fowlerville area(where he's from) with his aggie roots, and his willingness to take a stand on issues. That's why he won with 70% twice in a row, and also beat 5 candidates (including an Argus editorial writer) in the 02 primary. He's also pro-2a, pro-life, and anti-tax which are all major issues in Livingston County.

As for this issue here, Chris Ward (who used to be my rep when I lived in Brighton) wrote an election consolidation bill. All school elections now have to be on certain days, and May 3 is one of those days.

However it costs the schools $100000(estimated cost by our clerk's office) to have elections on those days. This could be placed on this November or August ballot at no cost. The only mistake I saw in Joe's letter was the word "last year" on there.
My problem with him here is that he criticized school boards for having may elections that he allowed by law. If as he says the "... money being ripped from the hands of our children," he should have told Chris Ward to write his law better. I suppose I don't know all that much about Livingston, but it just seems to me like Thune is being unnecessarily hostile.
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