Saturday, April 23, 2005


23-Senate Vacancy?

Virg Bernero declared his candidacy Thursday for Mayor of Lansing. He will run again against current mayor Tony Benavides who edged him out in a special election in 2003 after David Hollister retired. This time, however, it seems unlikely that Virg will be able to hold onto his senate seat if he is campaigning for Mayor. Expect Rep. Whittmer (D-69) take his seat without any hesitation, she is very well connected and can raise enough money to scare away any and all competition, Democratic or otherwise.

This seat is Whitmer's to lose. Virg has some high negatives among some people, and still beat the strongest republican availible in Paul DeWeese. Three of the more friendly GOP townships were put in Valde Garcia's Livingston County based district for some reason(why I don't know since he doesn't need them to win).

It's a close to 60% dem district.
I would agree. All eyes are on her. If she decides to get serious though and challenge Rogers or make a run for Sec of State, the Reps might make a play for this seat.
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