Friday, November 11, 2005


Who's stalling now?

With all the brouhaha over the Cox/Feiger episode, it has been an easy week to overlook a real policy issue that could have real political implications. That of course would be the apparent collapse of the tax deal announced by Governor Granholm and legislative leaders just last week.

The Governor is promising to veto portions of the 12-bill package that the House and Senate passed on Thursday and it is worth pondering what political implications this will have.

Remember, one of the main talking points for Granholm and her supporters (other than "Bush did it") has been that the Republicans have been stalling on acting on her jobs package. As she has repeatedly said "Jobs can't wait".

Now with Granholm's veto imminent, we get this
from Senate Majority Leader Ken Sikkema: "Let's do something good for Michigan right now."

With Granholm holding out for what she thinks is a better deal, will she lose the ability to accuse the Republicans of stalling and make herself susceptible to the same charge?

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