Tuesday, November 15, 2005


No charges

Fieger and Lee O'Brien will not be charged in the extortion attempt involving Mike Cox, says Oakland County prosecutor. Press confrence going on right now . . . Says Fieger had serious ethical violations, though. Nothing can be charged, he said.

What the? Anyonomous donations are bigtime illegal. Gorcyca's running to the hills.
This was about the exstoration stuff. Not the donation fraud stuff. That will come down the pipe later. Sorry, my initial post should have been more clear.
I just found that out after the fact.

Extortion is tough to prove, so I take back my comment about Gorcyca running to the hills.
Yeah, I kind of doubted they would charge him for this. Unless there was tape with Fieger saying "If you drop the investigation, I won't go public with your affair," you are not going to get a conviction.

My guess is Fieger is going to be nailed to the wall with the donation stuff.
Republican Michigander said...
"What the? Anyonomous donations are bigtime illegal. Gorcyca's running to the hills."

Well, no, they are not. The Michigan Chamber rans ads touting Markman, but did not actually say "vote for him." Because the ads were "educational" or "informative" and not advocacy, the Chamber does NOT have to divulge who gave any money. Is this any better than Fieger?
Different case. The Chamber was issue ads. (I've worked in issue advocacy in the past, so I know the difference) This is about a PAC Committee - "Citizens for Judicial Reform"

Fieger laundered money into a PAC committee (anyomonous) committee, treasurered by some "Herb Charbeneau" guy from Detroit and "Robert Miller" from Grosse Pointe.


This is what the original investigation is covering.
Yeah, issue ads. PAC committees. So what? Fieger gave anonymous donations and the Chamber gave anonymous donations. One might have committed a crime, the other ... nothing. Does this result seem right to you?
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