Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

I was excited 4 years ago when he won, I really like to see young people in office, and I really hope Kwame doesn't let Detroit down again. He did a good thing yesterday, over 220 thousand people voted in the election, over a third of the 18+ population and probably a lot more than that of the eligible voters. In Detroit, only 330 thousand turned out for the presidential election. For an off year election, that's a big deal. Kilpatrick got young people interested in politics and now he's got to do his part and not let them down.

Good luck Kwame, I don' t think Detroit will give you a third chance, so don't mess this one up.

Ditto, Jon. Kilpatrick did bring out some new folks and should be commended for it. Hopefully he finally gets it together. Read my rants on the Detroit situation here.
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