Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Detroit needs a new clerk

Alright, these (here and here here) ballot scandals in Detroit have gotten out of control. It is starting to become obvious to me, that Jackie Currie is watching out for those who watch out for her. I don’t live in the city, but hope those who do mark Janice Winfrey for clerk.

I hope she is all over the trail getting votes, but I haven’t seen much from her. She has bullets on her web site saying she wants to restore dignity in the absentee ballot process. I hope she gets tougher in the last week of the election. She needs to hammer home, the current clerk is shady as hell, and she is squeaky clean.

What about a grand jury?
I second the motion.

BTW, in case you missed it, I posted some specific numbers today from PPC's Alan Fox that demonstrate pretty clearly how screwed up the situation has become under Currie. Read more here.
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