Friday, October 07, 2005


Rethinking raises

Apparently the massive pay hikes Oakland County commissioners gave to some of its highest ranking members isn’t go over so well, causing some to re-think the raise.

As a matter of catching up, a $10,000 raise to the commissioner’s chairperson and a $5,000 to each the vice-chairperson and the Republican and Democratic caucus leaders was approved on Sept. 22.

It was passed with a 15-8 vote, and in a time when everyone's budget is hurting. According to the Detroit Free Press article, some are backing down, but not all. Chuck Palmer-R who represents Troy and Clawson: “The damage has already been done," said Palmer, who voted for the increase. "It doesn't matter what we do; we're going to get criticized for it."

Please tell me who is going to criticize a board for NOT giving itself a raise? It’s own members? Please. That’s the sorriest excuse I’ve ever heard. At least try to justify it by giving us reasons why those members deserve that large of a jump in pay.

For the record, Palmer-R, Tom Middleton-R, William Patterson-R, Jeff Potter-R, Eric Wilson-R, Bill Bullard-R (and chairman of the board), Hugh Crawford-R, Greg Jamian-R, Jim Nash-D, Dave Woodward-D, Helanie Zack-D, David Coulter-D, Eric Coleman-D, Vincent Gregory-D and Mattie Hatchett-D voted for the raises.

I love how they try to exude shock when they are told that the public might care about something like this.
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